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Adelaide Casino offers several linked jackpot gaming machines. Below is a list of titles available, and their current jackpots*.

Fort Knox 2 (Platinum Room only)(Jackpot Range of $50k-$100k) $68,297.06
Major Money Jackpots (Platinum Room only)(Jackpot Range of $10k-$100k) $48,967.97
2¢ Cash Express (Jackpot Range of $7.5k-$100k) $11,950.05
Player’s Paradise 5c (Platinum Room only(Jackpot Range of $10k-$100k) $11,002.73
Cash Explosion $12,030.37
Player’s Paradise 2c (Barossa Room only)(Jackpot Range of $2.5k-$100k) $4,009.45
Shoguns of Cash (Jackpot Range of $5k-$10k) $5,965.85
Platinum Jackpot (Platinum Room only) (Jackpot Range of $8k-$10k) $8,209.45
Platinum Mega Jackpot (Platinum Room only) $16,423.64

*Jackpots current as of 0900 hours on the 15th December 2014. By their nature, the jackpots are volatile.

Linked jackpots are part of the overall return to player calculation and not in addition to a ‘base’ return of 87.5%.